Riding Down Dharma Road

Dharma Road is a book about Zen Buddhism and cabdriving, published by Hampton Roads Publishing.  It’s a guide to Zen philosophy and practice as they play out in the everyday lifeNew PictureJPEG copy of a hardworking Austin cabdriver. It’s meant for all of us who can’t really drop everything and move into a monastery.  It’s Zen with an attitude and a sense of humor. Because in this world, you’re going to need both.  Thanks to everyone at Hampton Roads for all their help with this project.  Click here to read the really entertaining first chapter.  Then pick up a few dozen (or Kindle it) over at Amazon.  And there’s even an audiobook edition read by Dean Sluyter. Click here to hear a sample.  Material from Dharma Road is featured in Best Buddhist Writing 2011,  edited by Melvin McLeod.

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