A Little Noir Fiction

Night Driver2Ready for something completely different?  My other genre is neo-noir crime fiction.  Here are links to some of my stories from around the web:  “Alaska” is not about Alaska. It appeared in Amarillo Bay.  It was cited as a “Notable Story” by the Best American Mysteries series.  “Respect the Law” ran recently in Yellow Mama.  Click the title to read it and the cheery “Body Dump.” “Deep Cover” appeared in Thuglit some time ago.  Just click on the box for a PDF.  “Workday” was in the crime zine Crooked and it’s inspired by a place I actually worked.  “West Texas Job Search” appeared in the short-lived but memorable e-zine Ligature Marks.  It’s sort of a comedy.  “Fire Sale” is a story of hard times in small-town Texas.  It appeared in Darkest Before the Dawn.  And cabdriving fans will enjoy “Mackler’s Last Fare” in Issue 4 of the print magazine Swill.  That’s right, Swill.  Click here to order copies on the Swill website.   “Dead Man’s Job” appeared in Mysterical-E. (Don’t be put off by the artwork. Oddly, it doesn’t have anything to do with the story.) Night Driver

If a laugh is what you’re after, you might enjoy three stories from the now-defunct zine The Cynic“Bad Asses” features some trenchant social commentary in a noir setting.  “Maniac Grin” is a fun look at some balls-to-the-wall insanity.  And “I’m Not Crazy” is an attempt to show that I am not, in fact, crazy.  “Creepy Uncle Is Watching You” is probably political satire.  When I wrote it, in 2010, it seemed a little over the top.  It turned out to be sadly prophetic.  It ran in Children, Churches and Daddies which, despite the name, is a well-respected online literary journal.  Check it out.

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