A Little Noir Fiction

Ready for something completely different?  My other genre is neo-noir crime fiction.  Here are links to some of my stories from around the web. “Alaska” is not about Alaska. It appeared in Amarillo Bay.  It was cited as a “Notable Story” by the Best American Mysteries series.  “Dead Man’s Job” appeared in Mysterical-E. (Don’t be put off by the artwork. Oddly, it doesn’t have anything to do with the story.) “Deep Cover” appeared in Thuglit some time ago.  Just click on the box for a PDF.  “Workday” was in the crime zine Crooked and it’s inspired by a place I actually worked.  “West Texas Job Search” appeared in the short-lived but memorable e-zine Ligature Marks.  It’s sort of a comedy.  “Fire Sale” is a story of hard times in small-town Texas.  It appeared in Darkest Before the Dawn.  And cabdriving fans will enjoy “Mackler’s Last Fare” in Issue 4 of the print magazine Swill.  That’s right, Swill.  Click here to order copies on the Swill website.



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